Onyx/Marble Zelma Green Glasses 3″X8″ Pair of Two

$40.00 $125.00
$40.00 $125.00vous économisez $85.00

Made in Pakistan,  Green Onyx Marble Hand-Carved Glasses

This is a beautiful Green Onyx Marble hand carved pair of Glasses. This is a new addition in our product list. Green Onyx Marble is carved with very skill showing their beautiful brownish and creamy waves around the glasses and shows their  beauty of nature.

  • Pair of two
  • Zelma green onyx marble glasses
  • This Zelma Green Onyx Marble is an art of handcraft
  • Material: Green Onyx Marble
  • Weight: 3.5 LB ( Approx.)
  • Size: 3” W X 8” H

Brand new no chips, no cracks carved with skillfully